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Want your business to be seen by new homeowners in South Lubbock?


New Movers are likely to have approximately nine times higher spending during the initial year of their move.

6 Months

New Movers tend to make more decisions and spend more money in the first 6 months of their relocation compared to the subsequent three years.

$150 Billion

The nationwide annual spending of New Movers amounts to $150 billion.


Our partners recognize that New Movers represent the most cost-effective demographic to target, as they actively seek out services.

BeLocal opens the door to an exclusive realm where your business takes center stage in their lives. As they settle into their new homes, BeLocal becomes their go-to resource, introducing them to the local providers they need for a seamless transition. From finding the best coffee shops to locating reliable home services, BeLocal guides them every step of the way.

BELOCAL is YOUR strategy to to reach the newest newcomers in print, online and through social media! 

"BeLocal helped us establish a strong presence in the community. The exposure we gained through their platform allowed us to reach our target audience effectively and build valuable relationships with new residents. We couldn't be happier with the results!" 

- Sarah
Local Business Owner

Do you have a business strategy to reach the new movers in South Lubbock?

Is your business ready to capture the dollars being spent in the first year by a new homeowner?

Tap Into Lubbock's Most Affluent Market
You gain direct access to a coveted audience of high-net-worth individuals who appreciate quality, luxury, and exceptional services.
Get Access
Strategic Brand Placement
Position your business right next to the images and stories that captivate the attention of our discerning homeowners. Your brand will be seamlessly integrated into the lifestyle aspirations of our readers.
Maximize Exposure and Credibility
You'll gain instant credibility, improve your brand's reputation and attract attention of potential customers who seek the best.
Position Your Brand for Prosperity
Connections      |      Community      |      Visibility
Be First, Be Local
Your business will have a prime opportunity to make a lasting first impression on Lubbock's newest residents. 

We understand the importance of being top of mind when it comes to decision-making, and our platform ensures that your brand remains prominent throughout their journey. By leveraging our targeted reach and strategic positioning, you can rest assured that your business will be considered as top choice.

Amplify your business's reach to Lubbock's new homeowners!
Serve New Home-Owners
Partnering with BeLocal is a strategic move to align your business with the needs and preferences of new homeowners. 

By taking advantage of this unique opportunity, you can gain a competitive edge, increase your market share, and foster long-term customer loyalty. Don't miss out on the chance to be the preferred choice for these new residents seeking products and services in Lubbock.

Position your business as the trusted choice for new residents with BeLocal now!
BeLocal Supports Locally Owned Businesses
By being a part of BeLocal, you demonstrate your dedication to supporting the local economy and becoming a trusted resource for new residents. Engage with the BeLocal community, showcase your products or services, and establish yourself as a reliable and reputable business.

Build loyalty and trust among customers who value local businesses, leading to long-term relationships and a positive brand reputation. 

We know how difficult it can be to get your business in front of your ideal customers. That’s why for nearly 20 years, we’ve perfected a marketing strategy that connects our clients directly to the community they wish to serve.

New movers are 10 times more likely to use the first business they're recommended. By being featured in BeLocal, you have a unique opportunity to capture their attention and turn them into loyal customers.
Maximize your brand's visibility and make a lasting impression on new residents seeking local recommendations, ensuring that your business is their first choice when they require products or services like yours.
Amplify Growth
Studies show that new movers spend as much in six months as non-movers spend in three years. Don't miss out on this significant market potential to fuel your business growth.
Networking Opportunities
You’ll gain access to exclusive events designed to connect you with other like minded business owners, creating a platform to build valuable relationships that can further enhance your business growth and success.
This is what our readers have said about BeLocal
Don't take our word, see our testimonials
               Joining the Stroll Community has been a game-changer for our business. The exposure to affluent homeowners has led to a significant increase in high-value clients.

Lauren F
                 I love this magazine as a resource for the local schools and the churches; among other things such as the restaurant guides and personal reviews included.

Lisa P.

                 Belocal is very informative. I like how it has great information about all the fun things in Lubbock like the dining guide, shopping and things to do. Also the different cultures that thrive here in Lubbock. I’m drinking my coffee and enjoying the magazine.

Marcy T.

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